The TASTEE team is finally ready to let Halloween go now that the Tournament of the Dead reached its conclusion! This one of a kind competition tested players’ resourcefulness with different rules for each round: every participant was required to add infamous bomber Hudson to their team for round one, the second round saw intel mercs like Augustus and Zeke banned, and the finals got rid of bombers altogether.

These rules gave way to different strategic approaches and very close matches, where 3 rounds could go by with no kills whatsoever and suddenly in round 4 both players are down to their last merc. The player who managed to emerge victoriously from these intense matches and is now taking the TASTEE trophy home this time is SobeR999! We also want to congratulate Passy Kundovich and Lord Newbie for making it to the finals and everyone else for participating and making this tournament possible!

The tournament celebrated the release of the Day of the Dead Skin Pack. Featuring the 12 most colorful skins you’ll find in the game, the bundle honors Día de Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday where people celebrate deceased friends and family members with beautifully colored altars, among many other things. All players have access to Seraphim’ DOTD skin for free, no need to download anything!

We have another surprise coming up soon. Stay tuned to the blog and in-game announcements!