Hey Lethal Tacticians!

Our second ever tournament is now over and boy, it was super exciting! The TASTEE ROYALE: Guns & Gladiators Tournament set the stage for the best TASTEE players to compete asynchronously, giving plenty of time for each player to plan their moves extra carefully and showcase their best tactics on our newest map: the Backyard Colosseum.

This time, the tournament’s format was an interesting mix. The first round started with single elimination matches, but since we wanted to make the asynchronous mode shine like never before, we spiced things up for the second phase with a round-robin format.

All the remaining players were separated into 3 groups with 3 players each, and each contestant had to play 2 matches simultaneously! Here’s how the groups looked like:

Group A Group B Group C
Rogdhor ashley89 ubq
Sukhoi Wizaro Passy Kundovich
Snubby Dustin TheNameIsBob

Only one player in each group made it to the last round, and the finals rounded up the 3 best TASTEE players of the world:

  • ubq: The champion of our first tournament, ubq showed us that no one can beat him in a Cage Match. This time he proved that he’s also a force to be reckoned with on async, but would he be able to defend his title?

  • ashley89: A newcomer to the tournaments, but a veteran player that is constantly seen at the top of the TASTEE leaderboard. We loved seeing a new face making it into the finals!

  • Rogdhor: Widely known as the best player around, he’s the creator of the most in-depth TASTEE guides and match analyses. Although this is his first time participating in a TASTEE tournament, he made it to the finals like a breeze.

All of the finalists had the chance to play against each other to define who is the absolute champion, and after 3 exciting matches, here’s how how the dust settled:

  • 1st place: Rogdhor. Prize: TASTEE 3D-printed trophy, and you can now see his username displayed on the game’s Steam banner!

  • 2nd & 3rd place: ashley89 and ubq. Prize: Exclusive TASTEE art print:

Developers Byron and Jeremy also held a raffle on our TASTEE Twitch show for the rest of the tournament participants, drawing community member p90kinG who will also be receiving an art print!

We’ll be announcing our next community event soon! If you feel like you missed out on all the fun or want another shot at being the best Lethal Tactician —and win exclusive prizes—, you can sign up here to be among the first ones to find out about it: http://tasteegame.com/spring-tournament/

We’re extremely happy to see the TASTEE community growing and it’s all thanks to you!


As a bonus, here are Rogdhor‘s incredibly in-depth reviews of his tournament matches in case you want to learn from the very best TASTEE player!