Greetings, fellow tacticians!

It hasn’t been even a year since our very first tournament and we already finished our third big one. Wow! The Beat the Devs Tournament was our most intense asynchronous competition so far, having participants play against some of the top developers of TASTEE: Lethal Tactics.

This was also our biggest tournament to date with 20 participants! The rules were simple: if you were able to survive 2 rounds against other players and beat one of the game’s developers, you’d get a mini replica of Hoser’s shotgun.

The 5 contestants that made it to the third and final round had to play against one of the studio’s best TASTEE players:

Marc – Lead Programmer
Joel – Game Designer
Jeremy – QA Tester and Level Designer
Byron – QA Tester and Front-end Programmer
Steve – SkyBox Labs’ Co-founder

This was the perfect chance to showcase our newest map: Jurassic Narc. This jungle fortress takes the attacker vs. defender games to the next level, and it even features a ferocious T-Rex and a fancy hat! You can get it here.

The matches were extremely intense. Tables were turned more than once and we were able to see one of the craziest free fire kills ever. Players we were sure would win got smashed by unexpected techniques, and 3 community players emerged victorious:

Big congratulations to Wizaro Elementaro, Lord Newbie and Passy Kundovich!

Jeremy and Byron did an analysis the final matches on stream. In case you haven’t noticed, we now have a new super cool stream room! Watch below.


Sad you couldn’t get in all the fun? You can register here to be among the first to know when we reveal the next tournament and participate for a chance to win exclusive prizes!

As always, we really appreciate all the support from the community. See you again soon!