It’s been two weeks since TASTEE: Lethal Tactics exited Early Access and there are already some outstanding players making names for themselves on the monthly leaderboards. If you’re looking for that extra edge for taking out opponents in multiplayer matches, look no further! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and make sure to watch our Tactical Tuesday videos. Each week the dev team shares a match or mission, and provides analysis, tips, and tricks, all in an effort to turn players into lethal tacticians. From basic strategy, to positioning, to set plays, each video will leave you with a piece of knowledge to add to your TASTEE arsenal.

Watch them them all here:

Episode Guide:
1. Matt vs. Marc
2. StackcatS vs genghiskyung
3. disco vs theDanMan
4. theSteveAbides vs. mfaulise
5. CriticalMoss vs. Justron
6. disco vs. TheSteveAbides
7. disco vs. 10Canuck96
8. Clearing the Prison
9. All Sniper Match
10. What are Ghosts?
11. Mission 1.1 Walkthrough
12. disco vs. sassafras_wot
13. ElTerribleTres vs. sicness
14. Comeback of the Century?
15. Ozymandias vs. Bullman

Hope these help! If you want to see your match featured, share it with us in-game (user: drtyd33ds), or tweet us (@skyboxlabs) the match ID.

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