What makes the Gunman unique? Oddly enough it’s his lack of specialization. The other characters are defined by their strengths and weakness but the Gunman walks the middle path, the path of balance. This allows the Gunman to be versatile and slip into whatever role is needed on the team.

Here are three tips and tricks you can use to be more effective with the Gunman.


1. Master The Middle Ground

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Take a look at the Gunman’s maximum engagement range (the light blue area in his vision cone). Cut that distance in half and you have the ideal range to engage the enemy at. As a general rule, you want to engage Snipers at the halfway point or closer and engage Shotgunners at the halfway point or farther.


While the Sniper locks down long sightlines and the Shotgunner dominates close quarters the Gunman is able to control the medium range areas of the map, able to kill both Snipers and Shotgunners in mid-range encounters. Mastering the Gunman is all about identifying your opponent and engaging them at the right range to win the fight.


2. Use Scout Effectively

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The Gunman has two special abilities to choose from: Marksman and Scout. Marksman is pretty straight forward, it let’s you shoot a bit faster at the cost of having a narrower vision cone. Scout is a bit trickier to use but can give you a strong advantage when built into your strategy.

Scout let’s the Gunman detect all enemies within a short range even if he can’t currently see them. This lets you detect enemies that may be sneaking into position or waiting in ambush for you around a corner.

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When you choose Scout for your Gunman you want to keep him out front but out of sight where he can detect enemies that are trying to move into position. Look for positions behind walls or in corners that will let you detect enemies on the other side. Then use your other units to take advantage of your new found knowledge like having your Bomber launch a grenade around the corner.

You can still move while using Scout so don’t feel like you need to stay in once place while scouting. You can also combine Scout with the Look and Crouch orders to make sure you’re facing the right direction or or to hide behind cover.


3. Extend Your Range With Free Fire


This tactic is pretty tricky and won’t work all the time but it can help you catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard. Units fire automatically when they spot an enemy within range. If the enemy is too far away they won’t fire but there’s a trick you can use to slightly extend your range and catch an opponent off guard. This trick is using the Free Fire order.

Free Fire makes your unit fire in a direction for a specified amount of time even if there’s no target within range. Your bullets will keep traveling until they hit something.

If your opponent is camping his Gunman in an advantageous position you can move your Gunman back just a bit further than your maximum range and, by default, neither Gunman will fire since they are both too far away from each other. You can then give your Gunman a Free Fire order and aim it where the enemy Gunman is standing. Your shots are not 100% accurate so it can take some fiddling until you get it just right but keep on adjusting your aim line until your bullets hit the target. As long as the enemy Gunman doesn’t move you’ll be able to sink a few bullets into him.