Well this is exciting. Lethal Tactics is now available on Steam and players are matching wits with each other on the battlefield.

Lethal Tactics is a complex game. It can take several matches to really learn the intricacies of each unit. I’d like to share some thoughts behind how each unit was designed and balanced and hopefully reveal some tips and tricks that may not be obvious at first glance. The Shotgunner might be my favorite unit so why not start with him?



I was surprised to learn that some new players find the Shotgunner to be the weakest unit on the team. I actually believe he may be the strongest unit, in the right situations, of course. True, he has the shortest range by a significant margin which I could be why some players find him difficult to use, but he’s also the fastest unit in the game letting him cover the most ground and he’s the most deadly at close range. The trick of course is getting him into close range.

The Shotgunner is primarily designed to be played in the assault role. He excels at rushing the enemy or flanking them from behind. He needs to get close to be effective so protecting him on the approach is key!


As I mentioned above the Shotgunner is the fastest unit and you can make him even faster with the Sprint order. Sprint makes a unit move faster at the cost of not being able to engage with enemy units however if you’re already out of range it can be a good trade-off to exchange the ability to fire for some extra speed. Even after an enemy spots you it takes a few moments to fire so by taking advantage of your speed you can dash across open spaces and get behind cover again before the enemy can take the shot.

Another important order is the Crouch order. When a unit is crouched they can move behind low cover to avoid being seen. In contrast to sprinting, crouching makes you move slower but if you’re safely hidden from sight that’s not a bad trade-off either. You want to be crouching while behind cover and then standing and sprinting to quickly cross the open gaps. Using these two orders will let you zig zag between cover while never being exposed long enough for the enemy to make the kill.


Finally, the Shotgunner excels at destroying wooden barriers. While the Bomber is also great at taking down barriers he is usually limited to taking down only one barrier per turn whereas the Shotgunner can quickly take down multiple barriers a turn with the Free Fire order. Every map features several barriers that can be destroyed to create “shortcuts” and this can be a fantastic way to get the drop on enemies that will typically be covering the main entrances.

And this is where your special ability choices come into play. You can choose one of two different abilities for each of your units when you start a match. The first Shotgunner ability is Tough. Tough gives the Shotgunner one extra health. That might not seem like much but it’s 33% more health than any other unit. Most importantly, this is enough health to survive one shot from a Sniper and allows you to push the Shotgunner and little further and play a little riskier than you normally could knowing that you can survive if you make a mistake.

The second special ability is the Breach ability. This ability lets the Shotgunner break through barriers without having to stop and shoot at them first. It’s a small savings in time but when a turn is only 5 seconds long it can make a big difference and let your Shotgunner get that much further forward.

Using these tactics should give you the tools you need to get your Shotgunner safely across open spaces and into close combat with your target. Once you are in close combat there are not many matchups where you won’t have the advantage.