TASTEE’s been around for almost a year and we realized that, being the awesomely complex strategy game it can be, we never wrote an article on the very basics of the game! Sure, we have a tutorial and plenty of single player missions to learn that a single miscalculation can cost you a match, but we decided to write this overview for those players who haven’t got a chance to enjoy the game but would like to know what it is about.

To begin with, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game, which means both players take their turns at the same time. The game pits 2 players against each other in a wide variety of maps, each controlling a team of up to 6 mercenaries featuring unique special abilities. Each match is comprised of up to 12 rounds, and each round starts with a planning phase. Here, both players plan their actions for the turn and, once both players submit their plan, their actions execute simultaneously. Depending on the game type, the match ends when a player kills all the opposing units, completes an objective, or when the turn limit is reached.

As you can imagine, knowing your opponent’s location and anticipating their moves are crucial keys to victory. To help you predict your opponent’s moves, you can simulate your turn an unlimited number of times. In addition, for the purpose of simulations, you can control ghost versions of their opponents to simulate outcomes that you think may happen.

You won’t be able to see where enemy units are and what they do unless they’re in one of your mercenaries’ lines of sight, so getting visibility on your opponent is half the battle. On the other hand, the game keeps track of where and when your opponent was last seen, using ghost versions as stand-ins. In addition, there are several characters whose unique abilities specialize in visibility.

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics features both a 30-mission single-player campaign, daily randomized missions, and two online PvP modes. To get started, we recommend playing through the short tutorial, then playing Mission 1 of the single-player campaign. Once you’ve completed Mission 1, you should have the skills to play against other players online. You can do this via “Quick Play” on the main menu, or challenging a friend via the Players List.

Single player modes

Campaign: Play against the AI throughout 30 missions in order to defeat the Cartel. Each mission features different objectives ranging from eliminating all enemy units to rescuing hostages and stealing supply caches.

Daily Missions: A new single-player mission everyday with randomized configurations. You only get one shot each day and your score is registered to the leaderboard.

Multiplayer modes

Cage match: Live PvP match – submit your turns before the timer runs out.

Asynchronous: Play Head-to-Head matches asynchronously – submit your turns at your own pace. E-mail notifications inform you when it’s your turn and when someone has challenged you to a match.


The Details


Characters are sorted into 4 categories, each featuring 3 mercs with unique abilities. You can find a short summary of each class below. For an more in-depth breakdown community member Marmalade has created a useful breakdown of each character.

Gunmen: The “standard” class of the game. They have a fairly large shooting range and a decent aiming time, firing 3 times in a row whenever they spot an enemy.

Snipers: Their huge shooting range compensates their slower aiming time. Snipers kill with one single shot but they’re less effective the closer they are to their prey.

Shotgunners: Deadly short-range gargantuans. They are quick to the trigger but their effective range is short.

Bombers: These dangerous units can kill whatever is standing in their blast radius – including allies and themselves! This unique class fires only when instructed to and they have a 5 second cooldown before they can shoot again.


While in game, you can have each one of your mercs execute a variety of actions. The basics are covered in the tutorial (and listed below), but for more advanced tactics, and to explore unique abilities, make sure to watch the help videos located in the “Game Tips” tab in-game.

Move: Double-click on the ground to create a path and set a waypoint to where you want your merc to move. You can set additional waypoints within paths to set up additional actions. Each waypoint can be moved with click and drag.  You can delete a waypoint with the Backspace key or by right-clicking it and selecting Delete Waypoint. You can still shoot while you walk, but your aiming time will be slower.

Look: Have your character face a direction at all times, either while moving or idle. The unit will move slower but will be more accurate.

Hold On sight: Your character will stop and aim as soon as they see an enemy, reducing aiming time. In exchange, your merc will move slower while this command is active.

Sprint: Run fast, cover longer distances or escape from certain death. This automatically cancels the Look and Hold On Sight orders. Mercs can’t shoot while sprinting is active (even if they’re not moving) so make sure to disable it when ready for combat.

Crouch: You guessed it right! Crouching lets you take cover behind low objects, preventing enemies from seeing you and, therefore, shooting you. You also move slower.

Free-fire: You can command your characters to shoot a specific point without having to aim. This is a great way to open doors and secure kills. Keep in mind that blasting doors takes 2 shots and reveals your merc’s position to the enemy.

Wait: The perfect tool for whenever your timing needs to be extra precise.

 Additional Resources

Big thanks to our community for creating amazing guides about the game!

Merc Breakdown by Marmalade – A quick rundown of all the characters in the game and how they fit into a well made team, including some advanced tips to use them to outwit your opponent.

Daily Missions: How to Get Rank 1 Like a Boss by ElTerribléTres – A few tips from the developers on how to score Rank 1 for the Daily Missions as well as some general Single Player and PvP hints for science!

Bring a Strategic Dimension to Your Game by Rogdhor – Advanced tactics to improve your chances of winning PvP matches.