Even though Halloween festivities were a couple weeks past, everyone at SkyBox Labs refuses to get into the Christmas mood just yet as we released our coolest DLC yet: the Day of the Dead Skin Pack!

Featuring the 12 most colorful skins you’ll find in the game, the DOTD Skin Pack honors día de Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday where people celebrate deceased friends and family members with beautifully colored altars, among many other things.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun, so now every single TASTEE player owns the DOTD Seraphim skin for free! No need to download anything else, you can equip it in the character selection screen.

On related news: we’re also organizing a new tournament! The Tournament of the Dead will be the most challenging TASTEE competition to date since every round will introduce different restrictions: maybe you won’t be able to use your favorite sniper, or maybe you and your opponent will have to play with the same characters. Who knows!

As always: the top prize will be the coveted TASTEE 3D-printed trophy, and participants who make it to the second round will receive the DOTD skin pack for free! You can check out all the details over at the tournament’s official page. Registration is open until December 1st.

We hope to see you there!