We’ve just finished our first ever tournament, the TASTEE ROYALE, and it was not only a showcase of the best tactics around, but also a great glimpse of how awesome the TASTEE community is.

The tournament was a series of single-elimination cage-matches, while the grand finale between community members —and best TASTEE players— TorQue[MoD] and ubq happened in a Bo3 format that took them to Laredo Junction, McAllen Plaza and Wild Acres Ranch.


ubq vs. TorQue[MoD] in Match 2 of the Finals!


We had total of 16 participants from all over the world: Japan, Spain, Russia, Germany, China, Czech Republic, Paris, and many more! They all came together to showcase their abilities and take home the cool prizes we made just for the occasion.



Here’s what the winners are getting:

1st place: ubq – TASTEE 3D-printed trophy, exclusive T-shirt and concept art print signed by the TASTEE team. ubq also gets a shoutout in TASTEE’s Steam page header!

2st place: TorQue[MoD] – Exclusive T-shirt and concept art print signed by the TASTEE team.

3rd place: TheNameIsBob and Sukhoi – Concept art print signed by the TASTEE team.

Shout out to community member Wizaro Elementaro, who helped set up and maintain the bracket!


TheNameIsBob vs. TorQue[MoD] – Things are about to get explosive!


TASTEE devs Byron and Jeremy showcased every match on our Twitch Channel, but you can also watch each match in-game by visiting each participant’s match history.

If you feel like you missed out on all the fun or want another shot at being the best Lethal Tactician —and win exclusive prizes—, we’ll be holding another tournament in Spring 2017, registration is now open. Sign up for the next tourney here: http://tasteegame.com/spring-tournament/

Once again, big thank you to the participants for being so awesome and giving us the best TASTEE matches yet!

See you in the diner,