Beat The Devs!

Community Tournament

We’re excited to announce our next TASTEE: Lethal Tactics community event: Beat the Devs! The rules are simple: Beat the devs, win a prize! This will be a standard async-match tournament – with a twist! Every player that advances to the finals will take on a member of our development team. If you can beat one of us, you’ll take home a special TASTEE prize!

Play Against the TASTEE Development Team!

All finalists will be paired up against a TASTEE dev team member! Can you outwit our lead game designer? Or outmaneuver a level designer? Let’s find out!

New 3D-Printed Prizes!

We are 3D-printing something special for this tournament. The winners will each receive a 3D-printed mini replica of Hoser’s shotgun!

Participation is Free!

Participation is free and entrants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up today!

We’ll take care of matchmaking and coordinating times for matches – all you have to do is sign up! Sign up using the form to the right! People who register will be notified via email!

Entry details: Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis, with a select number of seats reserved for TASTEE Elite members. Participants must own TASTEE: Lethal Tactics and have a valid Steam account. For matchmaking purposes, participants must join the TASTEE Discord channel.


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