1. Use Sprint

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Unlike the other characters, the Bomber won’t automatically fire his weapon when he sees an enemy. He only launches a grenade when you give the order. This means there’s really no penalty for using Sprint when moving into position. You get to move a bit faster and the “no firing” penalty really isn’t a big deal.


2. Stay Crouched, Stay Safe

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The Bomber is the only character whose weapon fires in an arc. This means he can launch a grenade over low cover and through windows while crouched. This is a key tactic to keeping your Bomber safe so he can deliver his payload and survive. Give him a Crouch order to crouch behind a low wall and then use the Launch Grenade order to bomb your enemies from safety.

3. Bounce Grenades Around Corners

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If you’re using the Bigger Explosions special ability your grenades will bounce off walls. Take advantage of this to bounce your grenades around corners without exposing your Bomber to enemy fire. Use this trick to flush out enemies that are bunkered down and hard to assault.


4. Launch Impact Grenades Directly Into the Enemy

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The Impact Grenade special ability requires a bit more finesse than the Bigger Explosions ability but it lets you play more aggressively. Because your Impact Grenades explode so much sooner it gives your victims a lot less time to escape. One trick is to have your Bomber Sprint around a corner or stand up in a window during the last few moments of a turn to try and spot enemies. If you spot a Sniper you can run back or crouch again immediately before they can take the shot but if you spot an enemy within range you can fire your grenade directly at them and they won’t have time to escape the blast.


5. Open Shortcuts For Your Team

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Grenades are a great tool for destroying wooden barriers and cover objects and opening up pathways for your team. When it comes to opening doors the Impact Grenades ability is usually the better choice because it lets you destroy barriers sooner (no waiting for your grenade to explode) but even the Bigger Explosions ability can turn your Bomber as a one man demolitions crew.

Another reason to use your Bomber this way is to keep your other units a secret from your opponent in Multiplayer games. Using the Free Fire order or having a Shotgunner breach through a doorway reveals your units and gives away valuable information. Sometimes it’s worth revealing your Bomber just to keep your other units a secret until you can get the drop on your opponent.


And that takes me to my top 3 mistakes to avoid when using the Bomber.


1. Don’t Kill Your Own Team

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This should be obvious, but blowing up your own team is the biggest mistake you can make. The Bomber is the only character that can hurt his own team so pay attention to where you’re launching those grenades and don’t accidentally run your other units through the blast area. A good rule of thumb is to always preview the turn one last time before you click Commit. Just to be sure.


2. Don’t Launch Grenades At The End of the Turn

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Lethal Tactics is game of wits and you want to avoid giving away your plans whenever possible. When you launch a grenade right before the end of the turn it let’s your opponent know where that grenade will land and gives them time to plan around it. It sucks when you launch a perfect grenade into a group of enemies and then on the next turn see them all scatter and don’t end up getting any kills.

Instead try to launch your grenades early in the turn so that it goes off before your enemy has time to react. This is easier to do with Impact Grenades since they explode sooner but it can be done with Bigger Explosion grenades as well, which leads me to my final tip.


3. Don’t Spam Grenades, Take A Turn To Reload


The Bomber follows a certain pattern when you give him the Launch Grenade order: He launches the grenade, there’s a short countdown and the grenade explodes, and then the Bomber reloads. The Bomber can’t fire another grenade until he finishes reloading. If you give him another Launch Grenade order he’ll move into position and then wait until he is ready to fire before launching the next grenade.

It’s easy to get into a situation where you’re blindly launching grenades hoping for a lucky kill and then before you’re ready to fire again you spot the enemy but because you have to wait for the reload you’re in no position to press in for the kill.

Now and then it can be a good idea to hold back a turn without launching any grenades. This effectively resets your firing pattern and let’s you head into the next turn with a grenade ready to go, no waiting for a reload. And when you do fire your grenade you can be sure it will launch immediately and explode before the end of the turn.